An apartment that’s been finished off is all the more attractive to renters.

We’ll take care of this for you.

See how it works

We provide the finishing touch in your investment apartment: from lighting to curtain rails, from towel hooks and a toilet-roll holder, to a mounting system for frames... This means your apartment is rented out more quickly, and you avoid tenants causing damage if they have to do that themselves.

We can even completely fit out your flat with furniture, appliances and household utensils. Ideal for the rental market in Brussels, where lots of expats are looking for a high-quality, ready-to-rent flat they can move into in no time.

Ready-to-rent or ready-to-move?

Choose which package suits you best

Option 1

Your apartment is finished off and is ready-to-rent

  • We paint if that wasn’t provided

  • We deliver and fit fixed lighting

  • We install curtain rails, potentially with curtains

  • We fit towel hooks, toilet-roll holders, mounting systems for frames, etc.

  • We fit made-to-measure cupboards where necessary

Option 2

Your lettable apartment is furnished, and ready to be moved into

  • We provide new furniture

  • We fill the cupboards with household utensils

  • We provide sheets and towels

  • We install smaller and larger domestic appliances

  • We create an inviting atmosphere with stylish decoration

Create added value for your investment!

Your aim – and so ours too – is of course to achieve as high returns from your investment property as possible.

When making it ready-to-rent, we finish off your apartment for you. That way, you avoid tenants causing damage if they do it themselves.

When making it ready-to-move, we might suggest that an unfurnished apartment you’d lease out for €1,000 could earn you €1,400 furnished, while only costing you €200 a month. That means you achieve an added value of €200 a month.

We of course adjust the finished based on your budget and the intended rent. And we take your own wishes and plans into account. If you’d maybe like to rent out your apartment for a couple of years, to then move in yourself later, we’ll also take that into consideration.